During Your Session

What to expect
Your portrait experience will be relaxed and fun!  You should always come away remembering a fun experience and images that show the true spirit of your child.  As children are different, each session will be as well.  I want your photos to capture the true personality of your little ones!

After you reserve your session date I send a complete welcome guide with a lot of specific information that will help you understand what you session will look like.

What you can do to make the sessions run smoothly

If there are particular shots that you would like me to take, please let me know beforehand or at the beginning of the session.


Newborn sessions can take a while depending on the demeanor of your child, generally around 2+ hours.  I am a mom too so I realize that newborns eat and sleep often! If you need to nurse or give your child a bottle I can wait.   Newborns also take a while to “settle” into those sweet sleepy positions!    I also know that as a new parent you can often be sleep deprived, not feel your most beautiful and the last thing you want if your picture taken, but don’t worry- if you don’t want your picture taken, we can focus on your child.

If there are any accessories or items that are important to include, please bring them with so I can try to include them- but don’t feel like you have to…as I have a lot of props & headband and such.

I will also give you a complete welcome guide with many suggestions on preparing for your sessions….just contact me at the “contact” link above.