What Toddlerhood Looks Like | Springfield IL Photographer

When I first began my journey into learning the advanced skills of photography I had a darling little subject who would stay where I put her and look up at me with her big blue eyes.   Many, many hours of learning, in-person and online classes, books and articles read and many, many professional sessions later, I still strive to capture memorable images of my own child.

I can walk into a session, never having met a child and for some reason it is so much easier to photograph them than it is my own daughter.  In addition, it is more difficult to find the time to photograph for pleasure when I am busy shooting and retouching images for clients.

Fortunately, I have a group of fellow women in the Springfield area who enjoy photography as much as I do and who encourage and support each others own personal journey.  In addition, we all realize the value of capturing not just those “special moments” but the every day moments.   Together we are embarking on a 12 month photography project.

Each month we will try and take personal images and blog on them. The theme will be “What ___ looks like.”   Each month we will each choose to fill in the blank with our word of choice.  Some of us may choose to use the same word all year and some may choose to change it up each month.  We will each link to the next photographer until our circle of is complete.

We hope this project inspires you to take more pictures of your own families!

This month:   What Toddlerhood Looks Like